My First Outdoor Art Fair…Maybe the Last??

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, it was a beautiful warm, sunny fall day as the little artist loaded her Jeep and trailer and drove to the village green to embark on a new adventure at the village art fair. She met with her two artist friends and together they set up a booth to display the fruits of their labors. They had drawings and paintings, photographs and glasswork, and beautiful mosaics. All around the fair there were artists of all kinds displaying their creations. Musicians, singers, painters, photographers, dancers, sculptors, potters, woodworkers and more were all gathered to celebrate art of creating.

The townspeople gathered to enjoy the performances and the artworks. They ooohed and ahhhed over all that they saw. And at the end of the day they each gathered their many purchases and began making their way back home, sad that the blissful day should come to an end.

The little artist and her friends happily packed up what was left of their artwork left the village green and returned to their homes. The little artist breathed a sigh of contentment as she reflected on her successful day and snuggled under her blankets that night, drifting peacefully off to sleep.  The End.

WAKE UP! Reality is knocking!

Umm, yeah. That’s not entirely accurate… Continue reading My First Outdoor Art Fair…Maybe the Last??

Happy Labor Day

Hope you’ve all had a good holiday weekend. Due to car troubles, my Labor Day plans got completely tossed upside down so I ended up at home with no plans. I’ll get to that later.

I haven’t spent much time in the studio over the last week since finishing the marbles drawing. My twin three year old grandbabies came to visit and stay for a few days, so I was quite busy…and tired. They really are quite good for being three, but they are very busy and always on the go.

"Come stand on me!"
“Come stand on me!”

He call for her to come stand on him and she would gladly oblige. They just giggled and laughed as they did this over and over. Each time they wanted me to take a photo, then they would run over to look at it and do it all again. I’d forgotten that three is the age of repeat. Everything gets repeated.

I was able to squeeze out a little time to complete a project for one of my cousins. This is a wooden calendar that she had received as a gift years ago. It had a picture painted on the bottom of it that didn’t quite fit the decor so she wanted it repainted with daisies and the word “Family.”

Acrylic paint on wood, waterproof ink for the word.
Acrylic paint on wood, waterproof ink for the word.

Since my Labor Day plans didn’t pan out, I spent some time working on a small pen & ink drawing that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. I’ve had this pencil sketch of my cat, Holly (RIP), since 1989. Today I finally got around to taking it one step further. This work is all completed using Rapidograph Kohinoor technical pens and waterproof ink. Here are the step-by-step photos of the process.



I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add color to this or not. I’m kind a fan of just the black and white, but I might play with this on the computer and add to see what it will look like. The jury’s still out on this one.

Starting a New Portrait

It’s time for another portrait. This one will be a “twin” to the portrait of my grandson, Nolan, that I posted about earlier. This literally will be a twin since it will be a portrait of Nolan’s twin sister, Harper. This will be a mixed media portrait consisting of a pen & ink drawing on a background of acrylic paints.

This morning I worked on the background. I first painted a layer of gesso over the paper and allowed it to dry.

Painted acrylic background for Harper's portrait.
Painted acrylic background for Harper’s portrait.

Next I used a brayer to apply a layer of Cadmium Yellow and Diva Pink acrylic paints. I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying time for these two layers. Once those were dry, I used a damp sea sponge to dabble on some purple  paint, and then a wadded up paper towel to add gold glitter paint and purple glitter paint. Once everything was dry I decided to add some more of the pink so I used a small piece of bubble wrap, the small size, to apply dots of pink. I just love how all of these colors work together. I enjoy looking at just the background. I almost don’t want to add a portrait on top of it.

I’ll keep you posted with work-in-progress photos once I get started. It may be a while before I will be able to work on this one. We’re rolling in to the busy time of year and I’m also preparing other finished artworks for two upcoming shows. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

Most Recent Artwork

Nolan portrait

This is a portrait of my grandson, Nolan. Isn’t he just adorable? By the way, the reference photo that I used for this portrait was taken by my daughter who is a professional photographer. .

To create this portrait, I first used gesso on the paper to seal the paper and provide a more stable substrate upon which to paint and draw. I then used a variety of acrylic paints with brush, sponge, and paper towel to create the painted background. The portrait itself was created using a technical pen with black waterproof ink. I used a rubber stamp with black ink to create the “Jesus Loves You” markings on the artwork.

Hello world!

Artwork examples: Water Glass, Geisha Girls, Pink Floral, Micah portrait.

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